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Point Break: Paper Rose: film

  • Online presentation about Empathy and ResilienceSpeech of Psychologist Dr. Antonella Chibelli
  • Debate and online role play
  • Video: Don’t put people in a box


  • Point break: online debate about Empathy and Resilience
  • Short videos Empathy and resilience and discussion: “Mouse for sale”

We suggest, If you want You can also watch: Simpahy and Empathy:


Empathy film

Empathy: putting yourself in Someone else’s shoes


  • Drawing Empathy: how to draw a face, online video tutorial by Red Cross and Dan Archer


  • Let’s draw Empathy: After watching the tutorial, each student is drawing some empathic faces that will be collected, printed and distributed as cards in the schools as the “anti-bullying kit”.

1st official project output (jpg file)