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Polinas Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi
Güzelyurt Mah.5801 Sokak.No83
Manisa 45030
Our school in Manisa has 700 students, aged 14 and 18 (from 9th to 12th grade) and 70 teachers.
The students can specialize in ICT, Electric and Electronics, Plastic Injection Systems, Installation
and Construction departments. Our school has provided vocational training programs and placed the
trainees in a wide variety of internships, vocational training placements and work-based learning
since 2006. We aim to develop a greater understanding of the use of the language, while increasing
the understanding of the commercial and industrial culture. Every department has its own studios
which enable our pupils to transfer their theoretical knowledge to practice . We would like to provide
safe and friendly learning environment based on human rights and values minimize peer bullying at
schools, support students who are affected by bullying from their peers or other people, help create
youth tolerance through creative activity. Another motivation for that project is our local project which
has been implemented with Municipality and City Health Department about the Youth’s Drug Use and
Cyber/Bullying. Both our school staff and our students are eager and motivated for an international
project. They are very eager to take part in national and local educational projects. The key people
consist of 3 teachers with very good individual experience in European projects. The key people have
a great interest in European cooperation. The team will be coordinated by Gözde Çakmak ,an
English teacher, who attended courses regarding EU projects. All activities will be coordinated by
Mustafa HOPACI, English teacher. He took part as project coordinator in two Comenius Projects.
The financial topics will be coordinated by school’s vice principal. In case these persons leave their
post in the future, other English teachers who attended Erasmus seminars will take over their role.
The staff has coordinated or participated in a series of projects on the use of vocational learning,
developing training, teaching and learning, as well as organizing many training events and vocational
courses in Manisa. The school has participated in the competition of Scientific and Technological
Research Council of Turkey and got remarkable degrees particularly with their robotic projects .Every
year our school hosts Science Fair. The students display the objects they have created and the
public schools visit this fair. By the help of Students’ Clubs the students improve their talents, build
self-esteem, respect others’ rights, work well with other individuals, and develop their creative and
critical thinking skills. The theatre group of our school has been carrying out a Project with
Community Health Care and Addiction Fighters Association .In these Project students prepare
theatre plays, music concerts and perform them in different platforms. Our school won the first place
at national dances and costumes competition called “Festa Internazionale” in Italy in 2007.