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Be Allies Not Bullies project is an answer to the need for improvements at the level of innovative pedagogical practices in education with special emphasis on the relationships between students. Although we, humans, have moved to the 21st century and our educational systems are based on using modern methodologies and progressive ICT tools, bullying as a problem is still present. What is more important is the fact that thanks to the availability of modern technology it has acquired new forms, cyber bullying, e.g.
The main goal of this project is to fight and prevent bullying by taking it into agenda with its all
aspects. We have experienced the topic scientifically, discussed the best and simply applicable
solution in the schools and selected the methodology to be applied to prevent it in our schools. We aim to provide an activity for every single student in school and peer environment apart from ordinary school programme.
Familiarizing students with the issue of “Be allies not bullies” means that the students will get to know the needs and the fears of a rapidly changing society.
By strengthening personal skills (e.g. learning and social skills), through self–assessment and external assessment, students are able to achieve the optimal level in every type of school training and the secured future of young people in today’s Europe.