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IISS Consoli Pinto, founded in 1958, is the first Hotel School of Puglia stood in Castellana Grotte.
Currently it has almost 1700 students, and 150 teachers a tangible sign of the recognized validity of
the professional training that is guaranteed and of its correspondence to the needs of the territory.
His history is full of awards for the professional value of students who have come through
participation in professional tenders at the regional national and international level. The school is a
member of the AEHT which brings together all the European hotel and tourism schools. In 2016,
following sizing by the Puglia Region, to I.P.S.S.E.O.A. “Angelo Consoli” the Commercial Institute
“Pinto” is merged , leading to the creation of the new Institute of Higher Secondary Education
(I.I.S.S.)”Consoli Pinto”as a new educational center in the sphere of Tourism and Commerce. The
vast majority of our students are commuters and come from municipalities not always bordering
Castellana Grotte. This widespread condition implies that the students spend many hours of the day
out of the house, and a good part of this time is spent in waiting times for means of transport and
travel. Mostly they are students motivated by the desire to undertake an immediate job and that
moreover allows to live in the fascinating world of tourism and entertainment. Like most young
people, students’ personal interests are play activities and sports activities . In many of them there is
a need for more information on the world and on the realities of national and local politics. Many
students come from poor families who emigrated from different Country. Students are given cultural
and professional lessons integrated with practical exercises within the school and periods of
internships. We offers immediate employment opportunities and the achievement of relevant
professional goals, as well as access to university level studies. The decision to tackle the
phenomenon of bullying is motivated by the recent explosion of incidents of violence that affect our
schools and which shape a critical social and educational framework, sometimes even excessively
emphasized by the media. The school, therefore, can become the theater of both pro-social and
aggressive, occasional or repeated behaviors, which profoundly affect the development of individuals
involved in various ways. We are a team of teachers all permanent position at school, we are
motivated and, in the event that our Key-people should change schools, one of us will certainly take
in hand and running the project. We have a permanent regional observatories on the phenomenon of
bullying established at each Regional School Office through special funds assigned by the Ministry of
Education. Each observatory is at the service of educational institutions that operate, even online, on
the territory. Our school has participated and actively participates in these bullying awareness and
involvement programs.