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Gug skole is located approximately 5 kilometres southeast from the capital of Northern Jutland,
Aalborg. Aalborg is a town with a population close to 250,000 and the fourth largest town in
Denmark. The school is situated in the centre of Gug, close to the gym, the local football and several
shops and stores. The community, which the school consists of, is in a socially well-off environment
and the pupils at the school is a relatively homogenous group. The school is well-known for a high
educational level with almost a hundred percentages going to further education straight after their
graduation from the school. The school works closely together with the parents of the students and
the school is known for a high information level, with newsletters and many posts on Facebook to
make the profile of the school very open and give glimpse of our daily life. As the largest school in the
council, with 870 students and nearly a 100 employees, Gug skolel has a great range in the local
society. Students attend the school from aged 5 to 16 and will in total spent 10 years at the school.
The school has a long history of international projects and is currently the coordinator of the Erasmus
project “Motivation by Innovation” with a duration of 3 years. Participating in international projects is
important to the school due to the lack of non-ethnic students at the school and the wish to introduce
our students to discover the opportunities with collaboration with foreign cultures. The international
aspects is a large part of our identity and the students can choose an international line from class 7
and the following 3 years. In connection, the school has produced an international curriculum and
committee to make sure that the international aspect will be spread with the entire school. If the
contact person, Emil Kondrup Adelborg, will leave the project before it has finished the international
department of the school will point out a new contact person who will take over the coordinator role at
Gug skole. What are our activities? As a school we have many aspects in our daily routine at Gug
skole that have a focus on limiting the amount of bullying: – We make sure that all students from stage
0 have a friendship partner with whom they spend time with for an example at Christmas Day,
reading together and well-being activities. – We have playground patrols where some of the older
students spends time with the younger students in the breaks at the playground. – We work with
tactile massage – “you will not bully – the one you touch”. – We have a class tournament, with 4
disciplines, which runs during the school year where stage 7, 8, 9 and the teachers compete against
each other.