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Tuesday was very beautiful, sunny, but also tiresome day. In the morning, my host friend Mafalda woke up me at 7 o’clock.  I had very tasty breakfast (the typical Portuguese pastry and marmalade) with my host family- Mafalda’s mom, dad and her younger brother Francisco. After the breakfast, Mafalda’s mom Filipa took me, Mafalda, Barbi and Inês to a port of cove Ria Formosa. We waited here for our teachers and other students. When everyone was there, we were ready to board the ship. I was sitting on the top deck of the ship, so I had a very good view of the sea. The boat we sailed on was very pretty, the water was clear and seagulls were everywhere. We applied Katka’s suntan oil, but it didn’t help us, because everybody, except from her, was burned. We told jokes that this oil was made only for her. 

We sailed for about 20 minutes. When we came to the Culatra Island, near the boat there was a beach with lot of bushes. I was disappointed. But we didn’t stay on this beach. We went away. We were going on the road along the white sweet houses with sea shells on the fences. Later, we came somewhere, where it looked like in on a desert. We were going straight and straight, and we didn’t see the sea. The Sun on that day was very hot. We crossed a little hill and suddenly I saw the nicest beach I have ever seen – Praia da Culatra. It was beautiful! There was fine sand, the sea with waves and sun umbrellas, like in Hawaii (maybe – I think because I have never been to Hawaii). It was perfect.

At first, we walked along the shore collecting sea shells. Later we folded our blankets on the sand and went to the sea. I didn’t have my swimming suit with me, because I forgot it in my host home. But I said: “don’t worry” and I jumped dressed directly into the water. My clothes were totally wet (but I was happy, that I was in the water). When I came to my blanket, our teacher said, that we had to go away. I was a little bit angry that we had to go, but what should I do? Nothing! So, we got all our things and we were walked again. We came to some bar, where everyone was eating his lunch. I had a big lunch from Mafalda’s mom. There was a pizza, a lot of cookies, water melon, cookie muffins, sandwich and juice. It was delicious. We again rolled out our blankets, now in front of the bar and went to the sea. Me, and my friends took a lot of photos from these places. Some people went to the lighthouse which was there, but Barbi and I were tired, so we didn’t go. 

We were on the second place of beach for 3 hours. In the afternoon we went back to the ship and back to Olhão. Mafalda’s mother was waiting for us at the port, and we went home. Here, we had a shower, dressed up and we were ready to go to city. Mafalda had training, and me, Barbi and Inês went to the shopping centre. There were two shopping centres. The first one was with brands like Levi’s, Adidas, Calvin Clain or Haribo ( I bought lot of sweets there). In the second one was Ikea, so we went to our dinner -the meat balls and ice cream. Later that day I tried to find some gifts for my family and friends, but I was disappointed, because I didn’t find anything pretty and not very expensive. But never mind. Mafalda came to us at 10 pm. When I finally lied in my bed, it was 1 am in the morning. 

Yes, Tuesday was a tiring, but interesting and beautiful day, too.


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