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At 07:30  I got up and brushed my teeth and had breakfast. We went to school on foot. I saw my other friends from Turkey  waiting  in front of the school. We got together in the conference hall, with other students  and teachers  from different countries. First we had Portuguese lesson .We And then teachers made us group ,and delivered  three sheets of paper to each group. On each sheet there was  a situation about Bullying .Our work was to write  short stories  for each situation. We would make short films of these situations on Friday. After writing  the stories  we casted our roles like bully, victim and bystander. At 12:30 we went to school canteen to have lunch. After lunch we went to city centre. We would play a game, it was like orienteering. We were three groups .And each groups’ leader had an application on the mobile phone. Thanks to that application  we found the right way to go to statues or monuments. And in front of each statue we took a group photo. After half an hour we finished the game. We were second. At 17:00 Joe came and we went to market and bought some chips and crackers. We went to home and ate dinner. It was a nice day form e but also it was tiring. So I went to sleeping . learnt  some basic sentences .

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