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After breakfast our host parents took us to school, where we met other pupils                                  from Erasmus+. At school (13o Junior High School) we attended the first lesson of
our Greek friends. Each of us had a different lesson (math, Greek language,…).
After the lessons we had a snack prepared by our host families. while teachers
had a meeting, we had a program with psychologists about „bullying at school“.
We were divided into groups where we were supposed to think of a scene on a
given topic. This activity also served to meet new friends from other countries.
The workshop was followed by a volleyball tournament for all Erasmus +
students. We were divided into 4 groups ( allies1, allies2, bullies1, bullies2 ).
We went to the host families for lunch. They have prepared traditional Greek food for
us. The afternoon we have spent in families. Every family have prepared a
program for us. (We, all the girls from Slovakia and our host girls went shopping
to Heraklion ).
In the evening we had a Farewell party at school. The Director thanked
everyone who helped in the implementation of the Erasmus + project in
Greece. During the evening we were accompanied by music performed by
seven brothers. They played traditional Greek music. The Greek folk group of
traditional Greek dances danced into music. We were all involved and taught
new Greek dances. After the program followed a “pizza party”.

Last day at school was a great one, it was perfect ending a our experience.

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