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Wednesday was a very interesting and exhausting day because we traveled through

almost half of Crete. Early in the morning we all met in front of a school that

was involved in the Erasmus + program (13th junior high school in Heraklion),

from where we moved to an ancient and very nice Rethymno city. During the

journey we could see the gorgeous country of Greece, more accurate country

of the island of Crete, such as beautiful clear sea, beaches, typical greek houses

etc.. When we arrived to Rethymno we were amazed by the interesting Greek

architecture. Buildings looked like they were created by artists and not

ordinary architects and builders of the past. Later we went to a Rethymno

university where we had a presentation about bullying in the form of a lecture.

One of the university teachers who was very interested in this topic gave us a

talk, so it was more interesting for us. At first she was asking us what we were

thinking about bullying and what form of bullying we know. Then we talked

about solution of these bullying problems. The teacher was very interested in

our opinions. After this lecture we moved to the university dining room for

lunch, to get energy for the next trip to Chania. We had a little easier program

in Chania. We could move around the city with our Erasmus partners. We were in

a restaurant for some food, I personally had a calamar. Later we went to the

city where we visited the town hall, the port where we took a few pictures and

finally we went to the local supermarket. Than we just moved back to the host

families by bus for dinner and the day was at the end. At night, we were all just

looking forward to the next day. It was a very busy day (when we spent about

5 hours on the bus together) but it was really worth it. I think everyone

enjoyed it and we all had wonderful memories of this program.



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