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We walked to school with Katherina, her sisters and Danish girl (Julie-one of Katherina´s sisters host) and me. When we came to school Katherina showed me the school premises. 

Later we sat down and all the countries began to present their presentations. The whole project was based on the idea: Be allies not bullies.

 We have also presented and the funniest moment of our presentation was as we said: SLOVAKIA IS NOT SLOVENIA, because Slovenia has a very similar flag to Slovakia. I was very interested in the presentation of Denmark, where they showed their school . When we presented the projects, the teachers had their own program. At the beginning we all got acquainted with each other, we introduced ourselves by name and described what we like to do in our free time, then we played didactic games, danced the traditional Greek dance that I liked.

 Later, we were introduced to two actresses in the form of sun and moon. Then it was lunch time, we had a wide selection of Greek dishes, including seafood, for which I didn’t get the courage to taste . After lunch we continued to play didactic games, we had free time, which we used to go to the buffet, and I met other great people. At the end we all went to one class and we learned the Greek language, which is easier for me than Slovak. At about four o’clock in the afternoon our whole team went home and we continued our program outside the school. The first day was interesting and fun.


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