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We stayed at Thomas’s father’s home last night. His father made  pancake with banana for us. I must confess that it was more delicious than I  had guessed. After breakfast we went to the city centre, we would get together with the others there. It was so near for  us so we walked. We were ready to make city tour of Aalborg. Our tour guide was Emil , the Danish teacher of the Project. We went to the university of Aalborg ,it was really amazing, the departments were opposite  the harbor ,so the students can see the wonderful scenery during the lessons.

We saw a centre, I think it was a place to spend leisure time .Because there were cinemas, cafes and game rooms. It was a coal factory but the municipality renovated it. For lunch time we were in Mc Donalds’. At 12.30 we got together again ,and visited Aalborg museum till 14.30. The museum was a different experience for me, because I could see   some materials about 2nd World War, weapons ,gas masks, bullets…

At 14.30 we went to  Ung Aalborg  to join the activity: MOTOCROSS. It was really fantastic. We wore some special clothes fort his ,we were like Ninja Turtles . We had lots of fun. It  was my first experience .(A lot of things were my first experiences in Denmark)Then Thommy’s mother came and picked us .We plyed video games .YUMMY ,,it is dinner time and the master chefs are in the kitchen!!! Four of us made pizza for dinner , yes we made it ourselves. I think it was perfect, we will open a pizza store in the futureJ.It was time to go Vissenkluben. It is a house for youngsters. They can spend their free time there by playing billiard, dancing, watching film or something else he wants. We played ‘deadball” in dance room. At 21.30 we returned  home.

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