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Even though I’m not a morning person, I liked mornings in Denmark, because i knew that there’s another adventure waiting for me. And Tuesday definitely was the adventurous day. We met in the school. Luckily, Nora’s mum gave us a lift, so we didn’t have to ride our bikes. We were supposed to have PE, but we ended up in a classroom playing a Hangman. After that, we ate some food during break.

 Around half past 11 we left school and walked 3 kilometres to the ice skating arena. Sun was shining and it was really warm weather. When we arrived to the ice skating arena we rented the ice skates. After a while we were skating together and having a lot of fun. We saw Danes trying to teach students from Turkey how to ice skate. We took a lot of pictures, talked and laughed. We got really hungry, so we were thankful that the ice skating was over and we were able to grab some food. You know what they say, healthy body, healthy mind, so my lunch was mixed salad. But not all of us went to eat, some students went to play a handball. Then we just decided what activities we want to do on Wednesday and we had rest of the day off. So our crew went downtown. Danish girls were kind of our guide, they wanted to show us the best places in Aalborg. We went to the few shops, looked at the clothes and bought some food. Girls also took us to the Fjord. It was the beautiful place, we took tons of photos there. We even had the beautiful shiny day, it was perfect. Then we went to the most beautiful restaurant – Cafe F.R.I.E.N.D.S. It was really the wonderful place. We ordered food and the best ice tea i’ve ever had in my life. Food was delicious. Also waitress was really nice. I have awesome memories from there. When we were done with eating, there was one place that girls wanted to show us. We went to a shopping center Sailing, more specifically on the roof of the builiding. This roof top was so lovely. There were benches where people could sit and just look at the amazing view. Also small part of the floor was transparent, so we were able to see people walking under us. We actually made a small photoshooting there, it was so beautiful that we had to take pictures. We watched a beautiful sunset there and after 30 minutes we went down.

Dinner time was getting close. Everyone went home to eat. Me, Nora, Helene and Bianka were invited to Nora’s dad for dinner. He picked us in the town. The dinner was so delicious. After the dinner we talked, played a small quiz about Slovakia and Denmark and had fun. At 8 o’clock we were supposed to meet at Annsophies house. We had a sleepover. When we arrived, Annsophie made a small house tour so we wouldn’t get lost if we needed something. Camilla brought some sodas and a cake. We talked a lot, had so much fun and laughed a lot. In our group there were like like 5-7 girls who loved Friends and few girls who never watched the series. So we agreed that we have to watch it together that night. We watched 3 episodes and then it was time to start getting ready for bed. We had air beds and our own pillows and blankets, so we got our beds ready. Bathroom was a place where everyone needed to go, but 10 girls is a lot so we had to wait. When we all were finally ready, we layed down and went to sleep. I told you, Tuesday definitely was an adventure.


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