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The first morning I woke up and saw all the family in the room singing the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” song because it was my birthday. After that, we went to the kitchen and ate breakfast all together. Then, we went to the bus station where we met with the others and we went at school. When all the children from all the countries arrived, the Danes had prepared a song for the official welcoming. The smallest children sang for us and holding flags of all the countries in the program. Later, we had a break and all the Greeks with our hosts got to know each other better. After an hour we went to a classroom where we had the presentation of our country. During the next hour we ate lunch and when we finished we had a Danish language lesson. After all these, the whole Greek – Danish team went at my partner’s home all together and celebrated my birthday. There was a big table with food and hot chocolate, a birthday cake and many presents for me. When the party ended, we went back to school for cooking Danish food. When we finished we were able to eat, and try traditional Danish food. After that, we went for a walk and saw a part of the town. After this exhausting day, we returned home, ate dinner and slept. It was a great and unique birthday for me!


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