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On Thursday, November 29th the results of a trans-national research on bullying were presented by professors and students of all national delegations in the school’s amphitheatre. The research that was designed and initiated by the Greek delegation showed that the percentages of the students that have been bullied in the collaborating schools are small, but not negligible. Furthermore, the results showed that the types of bullying are differentiated among the 6 schools, however- in spite of this fact- what appeared to be a legitimate and non negotiable demand of all students was the necessity of prevention. That is to say, they considered  essential the existence  of practices and strategies so that the phenomenon will be  anticipated and prevented .In  the evening, the host country had organised a farewell party with traditional dishes , assiduously prepared by the parents of Turkish students, who hosted  their schoolmates from the five  partner-countries. Moreover, the party included traditional and modern dances, in a particularly warm and hospitable atmosphere, which made us feel that essential communication and fertile interaction know no boundaries and can be established with the mirth and the friendly mood being the sole tools at our disposal.

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