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Program for the day: 

  • Morning with my host
  • Ephesus tour
  • Lunch
  • Virgin Mary
  • Kusadasi dinner

I woke up and Yasin (my host) had made breakfast to me. We ate some salad, with cucumber and tomato. Then I ordered scrambled eggs and yasin’s mom or dad had made it to us. It was so sweet off them and after that,  we took to school.

We drove with the bus all the way to a place,  a little bit outside Izmir. The place was called Ephesus”. It was a very beautiful place and its old Greek. We was on a tour for about 2 hours and we saw  the biggest coliseum in the world.

We ate in a restaurant a few kilometers away. We finished eating and we drove on the smallest road to the top off the mountain to see the last place Virgin Mary was before she died. There was a very beautiful sight and you could drink of some wells.

We drove to the city called Kusadasi and ate there. I really wanted some food I normally get in Denmark. We had a opportunity to shop a bit or talk with our friends from all the other countries.

All these people in the Erasmus project was so nice. We went home after dinner and we actually got Burger. My host invited me to the top of a mountain to watch their city from a higher spot. At all it was the best experience of my life.

Laurits, Denmark

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