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On Monday we went to school where the teachers and students from school in Manisa showed us their school. We could also try their machines and see how plastic is being processed. They also showed us their robots and hydraulic machines. We could also see 3D printers where the Turkish teachers printed fish pendant or plastic emojis. It was really interesting.

Later we met in the conference room and our partners showed us their school from a different perspective. Our partners have shown us everyday life in their school. We saw their school café where we could taste the Turkish sweets and showed us how they spend their free time at school. There together with other project members we presented our countries, cities, school life and education systems. Sometimes it was funny to see how much or how little we all have in common. We found out that everyone was learning English, at least.

For lunch we tasted their traditional food and cookies. We tried Turkish toilets, which was an unforgettable experience. Then we went to the town to meet with the Mayor. It was a middle-aged woman, who introduced their city Manisa. We all received some gifts – a juice and cookies from them.

Then we went by bus to a museum ( Mevlevihane-Medicine). It was the museum of the history of medicine. There was an exhibition of ancient surgery, tools, and strange (for us) and definitely terribly painful medical practices of that time. It was very interesting to see as people were healed in the past. It was very unusual for us. We found out that the Turkish people were very intelligent in the past (not only in the past, of course). The dummies were very realistic, sometimes so much that we were scared.

After that we went to our host families. During the rest of the evening Martins went to the shopping centre. We had a lot of fun with our Turkish friends. We bought some clothes, and a lot of souvenirs from Turkey. These things are cheaper here than in Slovakia. The shopping centre was very secure.

Next we went to a restaurant and tried the Turkish döner and tea. Turkish döner is delicious. Then we met our friends from other countries. They are amazing people. I (Jakub) went to a basketball training because his host student is basketball player. I met new people and I have seen Turkish basketball club working with children in Turkey. Basketball player gave me small oranges and I tested them. They were really good and then I went to my friend’s room where we played PS4 game. His mum cooked a banana cake, which was amazing.

Jakub, Slovakia

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